Appraiser Qualifications and Standards Q&As

The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation establishes the minimum education, experience and examination requirements for real property appraisers to obtain a state certification.  The AQB Q&As are a form of guidance issued by the AQB to respond to questions raised by appraisers, enforcement officials, users of appraisal services and the public to illustrate the applicability of the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria and Interpretations of the Criteria in specific situations and to offer advice from the AQB for the resolution of appraiser issues and problems. The AQB Q&As may not represent the only possible solution to the issues discussed nor may the advice provided be applied equally to seemingly similar situations. AQB Q&As do not establish new Criteria and are approved by the AQB without public exposure and comment. 

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Q&A’s are issued by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) to provide guidance on USPAP questions raised by state regulators and the public. They illustrate the applicability of USPAP in specific situations and provide advice from the ASB for the resolution of appraisal issues and problems. USPAP Q&As do not establish new standards or interpret existing standards and do not constitute a legal opinion of the ASB.

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Appraiser Qualifications Q&As

The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) has compiled Q&As in the Appendix of the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria booklet. A link to that booklet is located below, as well as a link to the latest Q&As issued by the AQB.

Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria
December 2016 Q&As
June 2016 Q&As

Appraisal Standards Q&As

The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) periodically issues Q&As that address questions related to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The Q&As are provided to appraisers, enforcement officials, and users of appraisal services in response to questions received by the ASB. Before each new edition of USPAP is published, the ASB determines whether the Q&As remain relevant to the new edition of USPAP. If so, the Q&As are adopted as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and published with the USPAP document, which can be purchased here. The below Q&As may be incorporated into the next edition of USPAP as FAQs. 

2014 - 2015 USPAP
Q&A 2,4,5,6
        2014-2015 USPAP
Q&A 10-11
        2014-2015 USPAP
Q&A 12-13
  • Assignment Results
  • Use of Certification with Form 1004D/442 
  • Applicable Edition of USPAP  ​
  • Impact on Values of Surrounding Properties 
  • Providing a Copy of a Workfile  ​
  • Appraising Two Lots as One (Revised)
  • Certification with Multiple Appraisers  ​
2014-2015 USPAP 
Q&A 14-16
        2016-2017 USPAP
Q&A 1-7

      2016-2017 USPAP
Q&A 8
  • Review for an Ethics Committee
  • Does Disclosure of Prior Services Apply to Appraiser or Property?
  • Definition of Value in Appraisal Review Reports
  • Are Physical Characteristics Confidential?
  • Physical Characteristics or Assignment Results?
    • Residential Real Property Example
    • Non-Residential Real Property Example
    • Machinery and Equipment Example
    • Fine Art Example
  • What are "Reasonable Steps?"
  •  Is Turnaround Time an Assignment Condition?
2016-2017 USPAP
Q&A 9 and Revised 12 from 2015
        2016-2017 USPAP
Q&A 10
        2016-2017 USPAP
Q&A 11-12
  • Public Trust
  • Appraising Two Lots as One (Revised)
  • Subject Property Sales History and Standards Rule 1-5(b)
  • Inspection Using a Drone
  • Restricted Appraisal Report for Multiple Parties

 2016-2017 USPAP
Q&A 13-14 
  • Disclosure of Prior Services Involving a Partnership
  • Disclosure of Prior Services for Multiple Assignments on a Property